Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I'm not much "different"!

I've been thinking... am I really that different from any other "hearing" dog? I can see, I can smell, I can bark, I can play, I can feel pain, I have emotions, I can sense yours, I'm alive and kickin'! Nah! I'm really not that different! Being deaf isn't a handicap for me at all, actually. My awesome sense of smell and keen vision help me through the day, probably even better than my "hearing" buddies!
Eek! He ALMOST got me!
For one, I'm not afraid of loud noises, like thunder. I'm not disturbed by the sounds of people passing by in the corridor (I live in an apartment) nor am I startled by the dogs barking at me from their patios when I go for walks. Basically, I'm not afraid of anything! At least not anything I've come across in the three months I've been in foster care.

Catching up on my beauty sleep.
I'm always watching Mom and Dad so they don't have to actually call me. Saves them a lot of energy! If they nod their head or blink their eyes, I run to them right away! They never have to coax me to do anything, I just love to please them! Ahem! Okay, okay! I admit I also love the treats I get when I do the right thing...! *giggle* What can I say? I'm highly food motivated, which is good for you, too! It'll be easier for you to train me, won't it? And don't worry about me putting on weight... I'm one of those... the one's who can eat just about all of anything but still remain slim and trim. *heh heh*
I'm watching you!
Did I tell you I had not had any training before I came to LBR? Well, I didn't. I was 15 months old and didn't know as little as the "sit" command! But you know what? I got it down perfectly within two days! Isn't that awesome? I also learnt pretty quickly to be patient and I now wait while I'm being served my food and only go at it when I'm told I may.
Before I came to LBR I had never been taken for a walk in my life! I had a back yard but nobody to play with. The dog I grew up with did not like me so I had to stay away from him. I was crated for the better part of my young life. Would you blame me if I tried to run out the front door any chance I got? And then I moved into an apartment where I HAD to go out many times a day! My new folks had a hard time leash-training me but I've got the hang of it now. Earlier, I'd get all crazy and skittish every time they'd want to put my collar on me. Now I come running every time someone goes to the door! And I have not ONCE run out on my own! My sis and I are taken for walks individually and I know that when it's her turn, I must stay at home and be good. The door can remain open right in front of me while they're leaving but I just don't feel the need to "escape".

Exercise keeps me healthy and HAPPY!
 I've been working on commands like SIT, STAY, LIE DOWN, OFF, COME, DROP IT/LEAVE IT and even if I say so myself, I'm doing a pretty good job at them! My folks have enrolled me into a training class as well and I'll keep you updated from the day it starts.

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  1. It sounds like you're doing a PAWSOME job, Miss Pink! Mom keeps saying she's going to get a deaf dog next, because it can't be any worse than Cinderella and me pretending we don't hear her when we don't want to. ;)