Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My first Puppy Class!

I'd told you earlier that I was going to start going to school soon. Well, I had my first class on Saturday and it was AWESOME! Foster Mommy was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. She was so proud of me!

There was this beautiful Great Dane called Tsuki and a boxer puppy that looked just like me called Cadillac. My folks are usually worried if there's a small dog around, but I was such a good girl with baby Cadillac :)
And I was so happy to see Aunty Amanda (Sampson) again! You see, I had started classes once before but had to stop because I fell sick. Aunty Amanda was also my foster sister Danica's trainer and she came home a couple times for private lessons. She had let me sit on her shoulder :)

We have been working on basic commands ourselves for a while now and I was able to show off all that I can already do. Everyone was so impressed with my sit's, stay's and watch me's! I was actually a model student that day :)
Foster Mom was a little slow with dispensing treats, though, so I had to keep reminding her... loudly...! Aunty Amanda told her to stop paying any attention to my tantrums and I got the point soon enough and settled down for a nap instead.

Aunty Amanda told us how to work on commands like sit, watch me, come, etc. (most of which I am already a pro at!) and I'm having a blast practising at home! I don't understand why so many young people complain about homework when it's so much fun!

I get to spend one on one time with my folks and get to eat yummy treats! I can't think of anything else that is more fun!
I had such a great time at class, I can't wait to go back for more! Thank you Aunty Amanda for being so patient and understanding :)

{Psst! Aunty Amanda says boxers are one of her favourite dogs, second only to Great Danes... but I think she's just saying it so her Great Danes don't feel sad... I know she loves me more ;) }

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Slumber party!

Here's a few pictures of me dreaming about my forever home. Enjoy :)

The couch was taken...

The sun feels soooooo good!

Sunbathing is so...

Can your yoga teacher do this?
I wonder if Teddy was warm enough...?
Could you please switch off the light? We're trying to sleep here...

Spot the puppy!