Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My first Puppy Class!

I'd told you earlier that I was going to start going to school soon. Well, I had my first class on Saturday and it was AWESOME! Foster Mommy was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. She was so proud of me!

There was this beautiful Great Dane called Tsuki and a boxer puppy that looked just like me called Cadillac. My folks are usually worried if there's a small dog around, but I was such a good girl with baby Cadillac :)
And I was so happy to see Aunty Amanda (Sampson) again! You see, I had started classes once before but had to stop because I fell sick. Aunty Amanda was also my foster sister Danica's trainer and she came home a couple times for private lessons. She had let me sit on her shoulder :)

We have been working on basic commands ourselves for a while now and I was able to show off all that I can already do. Everyone was so impressed with my sit's, stay's and watch me's! I was actually a model student that day :)
Foster Mom was a little slow with dispensing treats, though, so I had to keep reminding her... loudly...! Aunty Amanda told her to stop paying any attention to my tantrums and I got the point soon enough and settled down for a nap instead.

Aunty Amanda told us how to work on commands like sit, watch me, come, etc. (most of which I am already a pro at!) and I'm having a blast practising at home! I don't understand why so many young people complain about homework when it's so much fun!

I get to spend one on one time with my folks and get to eat yummy treats! I can't think of anything else that is more fun!
I had such a great time at class, I can't wait to go back for more! Thank you Aunty Amanda for being so patient and understanding :)

{Psst! Aunty Amanda says boxers are one of her favourite dogs, second only to Great Danes... but I think she's just saying it so her Great Danes don't feel sad... I know she loves me more ;) }


  1. Way to go, Pink! If you keep doing your homework really well, you'll be running agility soon and you're gonna love, love, love that! I've even decided that it wasn't beneath me to try it and I'm enrolled in Beginning Agility for the coming session at our school. I can't let Malcolm and McKenzie have all the fun. A Duchess wants to have fun once in a wee while too. :)
    Keep up your fine efforts in education! Ta!

    Nessie the Monster, Duchess of Hagg

  2. You know something, Nessie... I'd LOVE for my new family to enrol me in agility class! I am a fast runner and a great jumper... I can leap up onto the bed or couch at full gallop! And I LOVE it! I am not afraid of heights either and would climb onto the dining table all the time... but I'm told that's bad manners. Harrumph!

    Thank you so much for your support, Nessie!

    Pink :*

  3. Grreat job, Miss Pink! I'm so proud of you! We boxers totally rock the classes because we're SO smart. And I get you about homework -- it's fun AND yummy to practice at home!