Thursday, 20 September 2012

Back to school!

I am in Puppy Class 2 now and last night was the first session. I was so excited to see Cadillac again. He is as big as me now and he's only 6 months old! But, oh! He loves me so! I was playing hard to get but he wouldn't give up trying. He kept wagging his cute fawn nub at me and gave me kisses when I wasn't looking. Okay, so I love him, too... a little bit... he'll have to work a little harder but he's got another 5 weeks to try :) *hee hee*

I am a happy puppy!
That's Cadillac in the red collar. Hasn't he grown big?!?

I was a star student, again. I paid attention to foster Mom as best as I could, what with all the highly distracting sights and especially smells. But I managed all the sits and stays and was a model student. Speaking of MODEL... *ahem* have you voted for me today? If not, please do! Click on the link below and VOTE!

Thank you!


  1. Class is so much fun! Even better when you have grreat new furiends there to play with.

  2. I love going to school with my friends, too! School is grand isn't it?

  3. It sure is! Can't wait for the next class :D

  4. Hey, Pink, I heard it's your birthday! I hope you have a happy happy birthday -- and hopefully find a furever home as your present! :D

  5. Why, yes! It is my birthday today! Thank you so much for your wishes, Casey! My birthday wish is to find a furever home, too :)