Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Last few days to vote for me!

I was born to be a super model! What do you think?
I just wanted to remind y'all that you MUST vote for me! I've landed in third place now and there's only a few days left! EeeekKk! So, again, vote vote VOTE!!!

Please help me give back to Legacy Boxer Rescue, the organization that saved my life.
Vote for me and share the link and get as many people involved as you can! QUICK!

Click on the link below and pick my picture to vote. You can use the following codes once each to multiply your vote by as much as a 100 and then keep voting without them till October 12, 2012.
JuJYjx (x 100 votes)
TECeGp (x 50 votes)
JD7w8x (x 25 votes)
9vDe2q (x 10 votes)
3Gud8Q (x 2 votes)


  1. Pink, you are definitely a super model! You are, in fact, one of the most photogenic Boxer Dogs I've ever met! (well, seen...I haven't actually met you) :O)

  2. You've GOT to win!! I've been promoting it on my blog every single day, and I make sure Momma votes.

  3. You're too good to me, Casey...!